Home Sweet Work From Home

Happy Monday!

Today like many others, I officially started working from home indefinitely to protect myself, family, friends and others during COVID-19 outbreak. I am incredibly grateful to have the option to do so. To help with the transition from working in an office to home and to create a bit of balance between work and home life, I created myself a workspace that is both productive yet beautiful and peaceful to me.

The move to work from home means I will personally gain between 10 – 15 hours that I commute every week. For many of us that spend a lot of time commuting and/or are simply used to always being on the go, the next little bit may be exceptionally challenging and lonely as we socially distance ourselves from others to help flatten the curve. 

Thought I would share some ideas to help you embrace these changes in routine and all the extra time you may find yourself with over the next few weeks and potentially beyond. 

Professional and Job Search Ideas

  • Review and revise your CV
  • Make your CV Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant
  • Practice your interviewing skills even if you don’t have an interview scheduled
  • Develop or revisit your own personal brand
  • Update and complete your LinkedIn profile
  • Connect with others on LinkedIn by sending personal invites
  • Join groups on LinkedIn and follow others
  • Comment on LinkedIn posts and articles
  • Write and share your own articles and posts
  • Learn a new brainstorming technique like Mind Mapping®
  • Reflect on where you are at in your career, where you want to go and love what you do
  • Research companies you are interested in potentially working for to learn more about them
  • Find opportunities to learn formally and informally – read, listen to podcasts, webinars, lives, zoom chats, etc.
  • Sign up for a course you can complete virtually
  • Become a virtual mentor and help someone else

Physical, Emotional and Mental Health

  • If you are physically able to leave home, take a walk outdoors daily and spend time in nature and/or do yoga and workouts at home
  • Sleep
  • Indulge in self care rituals
  • Call friends and family members to check in and/or reconnect with those you never ever seem to find time to chat with
  • Simply read for pleasure
  • Journal or write a blog
  • Spring clean, declutter and find clothes and other items you no longer need to donate later to help others in our communities
  • Try new recipes and create homemade meals
  • Try a new hobby or return to an old one

It is hard to say what the impacts of COVID-19 will be or how long we may be impacted but please do not stop growing, learning, networking and if applicable, keeping up with your job search.

Thinking of those that have been personally impacted by COVID-19 or may be in the days ahead. During this time of stress, anxiety and uncertainty, may we all be a little more mindful of others, practice empathy and share kindness and love. The world needs a lot of it these days. ♥️

Author: FinnSpirit

I am a positive super spirit builder, aunt, foodie, old soul, anglophile, philomath, traveller, Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant, lifelong Junior Leaguer and volunteer who is passionate all things beauty, style, design, pink, photography, PFCC, people, careers, community and making a difference.

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