Chic & Fabulous Suite Lia Ravello

My first time staying in an AirBNB was in Ravello, Italy. Suite Lia was my lovely home away from home – a close walk to the city square but a quiet spot with a stunning sea view, lovely garden and a hot tub shared with neighbouring Chez Lia – a larger two bedroom suite. Both are also a close walk to Villa Eva and Villa Cimbrone.

Like many spots in the Amalfi Coast, it does require climbing a lot of steps so if you are planning a future holiday there, I recommend to start waking a lot including stairs to make navigating the coast less challenging.

My AirBNB host was Francesca of Chic and Fabulous – a local wedding and event planner who also helps plan touristic services. As a woman travelling alone to Ravello, it was very important to me where to stay and that I would feel safe on my own. I knew immediately I found the perfect spot when I connected with Francesca. She was incredibly patient with my many questions and was a fabulous host and amazing to deal during my time in Ravello. To learn more about Suite Lia, Chez Lia and Villa Mariella, I highly recommend connecting with Francesca at Chic and Fabulous.

Chic & Fabulous

Meet Francesca, owner of Chic & Fabulous and the lovely woman who made my Ravello holiday all come together. Not only is Francesca a local wedding and event planner but she was also my AirBNB superhost as well as the organizer of my Dolce Vita Amalfi Coast Tour and my cooking class. Prior to my arrival in the Amalfi Coast and throughout my entire stay, Francesca was absolutely wonderful to deal with and truly made my me moon special. If you plan to visit Ravello and the Amalfi Coast, definitely connect with Francesca to find out about all the amazing things to enjoy and explore. Grazie Francesca. Till we meet again. ♥️