Chic & Fabulous Suite Lia Ravello

My first time staying in an AirBNB was in Ravello, Italy. Suite Lia was my lovely home away from home – a close walk to the city square but a quiet spot with a stunning sea view, lovely garden and a hot tub shared with neighbouring Chez Lia – a larger two bedroom suite. Both are also a close walk to Villa Eva and Villa Cimbrone.

Like many spots in the Amalfi Coast, it does require climbing a lot of steps so if you are planning a future holiday there, I recommend to start waking a lot including stairs to make navigating the coast less challenging.

My AirBNB host was Francesca of Chic and Fabulous – a local wedding and event planner who also helps plan touristic services. As a woman travelling alone to Ravello, it was very important to me where to stay and that I would feel safe on my own. I knew immediately I found the perfect spot when I connected with Francesca. She was incredibly patient with my many questions and was a fabulous host and amazing to deal during my time in Ravello. To learn more about Suite Lia, Chez Lia and Villa Mariella, I highly recommend connecting with Francesca at Chic and Fabulous.