Brighton Layson and Passmore Mupinduko – ZimSculpt Toronto

Brighton Layson and Passmore Mupindiko are the two resident sculptors visiting Toronto for the ZimSculpt Exhibit at the Toronto Botanical Garden. I have been a few times since the exhibit opened and have enjoyed chatting, getting to know them and seeing them create amazing sculptures. If you have not yet been, do plan a visit on your own or with family and friends before Sunday, September 30th. Make sure to drop by to see these two lovely gentlemen in the ZimSculpt Marketplace to say hello and see what they are getting up to.

Dominic Benhura at ZimSculpt Toronto

Famous Zimbabwean Sculptor Dominic Benhura and his beautiful work at ZimSculpt at the Toronto Botanical Garden. Lovely to be included in this evening’s special event. Dominic will be live sculpting until Sunday September 16th along with resident sculptors Brighton Layson and Passmore Mupindiko. A great week to visit.

Job Shaming

It was really disheartening to see someone shaming Geoffrey Owens for working at Trader Joe’s. Sadly this happens to many famous or not. Life is challenging, sometimes unfair and despite hard work does not work out as one hopes. I have met many individuals over the years who fail to include their work experience at a coffee shop, retail store, gas station, construction site, etc because of what people say, think and perceive. We all gain practical life skills via every work experience. Sadly people who judge people for not holding what they consider a professional job says so much more about them than the individuals who are motivated to get up everyday, go to work to pay for rent or a mortgage, food, clothes, etc to just keep on the life journey. It is the people that will do anything that inspire me.

Happy September!

“A simple hello can lead to a million things” – Unknown.

To me, September is always the start of a new year and new beginnings. On Tuesday, many will start a new school year. Others may start a new job or may commit to starting anew. For many a new beginning is simple. For others it is very challenging. The power of hello and taking an interest in someone may bring kindness and hope when they need it most and that is always in style.

Happy September!

Lano Love

Lano 💗. For the most part, my makeup is pretty natural and I love the simplicity and nourishing feeling of a lip gloss plus a more understated lip colour. Recently I learned about Australian brand Lano Lips from a friend on the train. Love their line which is new to Canada and available at Sephora Canada.